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Power Negotiation: The 5-6-7 Toolbox
Enhance your negotiation performance with this structured approach which builds your confidence, makes you feel in control. The course provides the strategies and tactics to deliver successful outcomes that are in line with business objectives. Explore the 5-6-7 Power Negotiation System and learn how to apply it in a full day case study during which participants practice against a professional negotiator and receive expert feedback and coaching
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The 5-6-7 Negotiation Planning Workshop
Detailed planning can influence the outcome of a negotiation more than any other factor yet few negotiators make adequate time for this critical activity. Because planning has such an impact on negotiation outcomes, we have developed, tested and implemented a step-by-step process for planning and preparing for any negotiation. This practical workshop introduces the 5-6-7 Negotiation Planning process which participants learn by using a full set of planning templates during a full length case study.
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5-6-7 Cross-Cultural Negotiation
Negotiation is influenced more by the cultural context in which it is conducted than any other business activity. In this workshop, we apply the principles of negotiation best practice to 10 nationalities and learn how to successfully fine-tune our own cultural influences with those of our suppliers and stakeholders.
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The Negotiation MasterClass
This advanced course will enhance your existing negotiation skills by examining successful behaviours and interpersonal skills and practicing the styles used to manage critical negotiation effectively. Participants will gain vital practical best practice experience during simulated case studies.

Presentation Skills for Buyers
This practical workshop is for Buyers who make presentations which demonstrate the commercial and technical aspects of a project to suppliers or promote their activities to internal stakeholders. A dual process is introduced which addresses both the gathering and organization of content as well as delivery style options. New tools and techniques are applied in a case study which runs throughout the workshop.
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Facilitation Skills for Buyers
As part of their role in managing large-scale Procurement projects, buyers are required to lead cross-functional teams drawn from key stakeholder groups within the organization. Ensuring that these teams achieve optimal outcomes is a challenging proposition requiring skills which the buyer may not have had the opportunity to develop to a level at which they feel sufficiently confident. Participants apply new tools and techniques in a case study which runs throughout the workshop.
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Workshops for Sales Professionals
NRI introduces 3 new workshops which apply our structured '5-6-7' approach to enhance the persuasion skills of sellers within the CRM context.

  • How Buyers Choose Sellers
    An interactive workshop is for sales professionals to get up-to-speed with the tools and techniques being used by Purchasing to arrive at their buying decisions.
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  • The Persuasion Tune-up
    How do you persuade others to do what you need them to do, think or feel? Which techniques do you feel comfortable using? What's your persuasion style?
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