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We Start With You
Every one of our training programmes begins with a profile of your negotiators. We ask them to complete a Preparation Assignment which tells us about their negotiation style, their negotiation experience and what it is they want to achieve during the training.

Training Materials That Work For You
NRI training materials are designed to be a tool to be used long after the training has been completed. NRI training materials are made to be a tool to be used time and time again. Every participant receives a pack that is full of colourful and useful mind maps, cue cards and templates.

Comprehensive Feedback
You and your negotiators receive lots of helpful feedback from us on how the training is proceeding, how objectives are being met, the action that is being taken and the successes that are being delivered.

Modular Format
We believe that, to be effective, new learning needs to be embedded through implementation. We help achieve this by re-visiting our training participants three months after completion of their workshop. We find out how they have been using the new tools, where there have been difficulties and where there have been successes.

Based on this feedback, we can design a follow-up workshop based upon the real experience of each participant.

Real-World Context
Every technique and skill we present is backed up by real-life examples of how it has been successfully applied. The NRI 5-6-7 Negotiation System provides a structure which participants can apply quickly and easily.

50% of every training programme we present involves practical work. We provide the opportunity to test out newly acquired skills in a realistic role-play exercise during which participants are matched against a specialist NRI consultant trained to introduce the learning points as the exercise progresses. In this way, participants practice with an experienced negotiator who knows their learning profile as well as the new learning introduced during the first part of the programme.

Role play exercises are captured on video to provide expert feedback.

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