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We offer a coordinated development programme through which to raise our client's negotiating standard -

  • Benchmarking existing competence against best practice
  • Designing a training programme to fill the gaps in competence that may be identified
  • Coaching for a real negotiation that can demonstrate the use of new skills
  • NRI consultants also conduct critical negotiations on behalf of our clients


    Here are some examples of ways in which we have worked with our clients in Asia Pacific to deliver real value -

    In Hong Kong an NRI consultant has worked with the negotiating team of a large organization in the service sector to set clear objectives, establish a transparent strategy, monitor progress and report on the process to the main board.

    In Singapore, an NRI consultant helped a client in the financial services sector to plan, position and negotiate a new service level agreement with a category of clients.

    In Malaysia, NRI consultants have worked to coach negotiation teams at a major utility where strategically critical contracts are being renewed.

    We have worked closely throughout Asia Pacific with a major organization in the petro chemical industry and, using our strategy, they saved US$30 million in a single deal on a spend of US$150 million.

    In Tokyo, our consultants helped a major software company to identify negotiation strategies following a recent merger.

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